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Property law is a legal domain that governs the ownership, use, and transfer of real and personal property. It encompasses a broad range of legal issues related to land, buildings, and personal possessions. Property law serves to define and protect the rights and interests of individuals or entities in their tangible and intangible assets.

Key aspects of property law include the acquisition and transfer of property, the creation and enforcement of property rights, landlord-tenant relationships, real estate transactions, and land use regulations. This legal framework aims to ensure orderly and fair dealings in the use and ownership of property.

Property law often involves documents such as deeds, titles, leases, and contracts that establish and convey ownership rights. Disputes in property law can arise from issues such as boundary disputes, zoning conflicts, adverse possession claims, and breaches of contractual agreements.

Legal professionals specializing in property law, including real estate attorneys, work to interpret and apply property laws, resolve disputes, and facilitate legal transactions related to the ownership and use of property.

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