Physical / Sexual Abuse


Physical and sexual abuse are forms of mistreatment that can cause significant harm to individuals, violating their physical and emotional well-being. Physical abuse involves the intentional use of force, resulting in bodily harm, injuries, or impairment. On the other hand, sexual abuse encompasses non-consensual sexual acts or exploitation, including harassment, assault, or any unwanted sexual contact.

Victims of physical or sexual abuse may experience a range of physical, psychological, and emotional consequences. Legal systems worldwide recognize the severity of these offenses, and there are laws and mechanisms in place to address and punish perpetrators. Reporting such incidents to law enforcement or seeking assistance from support services and legal professionals can be crucial for victims to ensure their safety and pursue justice.

Efforts to prevent and address physical and sexual abuse often involve public awareness campaigns, educational programs, and legal interventions to create a safer environment and support those who have experienced such trauma.

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